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Under Armour Series 2018 Ticketing Information


Wales vs Scotland: Saturday 3rd November 2018 (kick-off 14:45hrs)

Wales vs Australia: Saturday 10th November 2018 (kick-off 17:20hrs)

Wales vs Tonga: Saturday 17th November 2018 (kick-off 14:30hrs)

Wales vs South Africa: Saturday 24th November 2018 (kick-off 17:20hrs)

Ticket Prices

Tickets for the Under Armour Series are priced as follows:

Scotland: £75, £65 (£15 U16s), £45 (£15 U16s), £35, £25

Australia: £75, £65 (£15 U16s), £45 (£15 U16s), £35, £25

Tonga: £35, £25 (£10 U16s), £20 (£10 U16s), £15, £10

South Africa: £75, £65 (£15 U16s), £45 (£15 U16s), £35, £25

Under 16s Tickets

Please note that the Under 16s prices stated above are only available on Category B and C seats and will apply for all 4 fixtures.

Purchase Limits

The purchase limits for the Series will be as follow:s

Scotland: 8 tickets per person

Australia: 8 tickets per person

Tonga: No limit

South Africa: 8 tickets per person

Seating Plan

Please see below a Stadium seating plan to show the location of each available price category for the Series:

Alcohol Free Zone

Please also note that following supporter feedback in relation to spectator behaviour, an alcohol free zone will be created in the North Stand (Blocks N1-N4 & UN1-UN4) on a trial basis for all four games and these tickets will be priced as category C (£45 for adults / £15 for children aged 16 and under). As this is being operated on a trial basis in 1 area only, tickets in the alcohol free zone are subject to availability.

Debenture Holders

Tickets for the Under Armour Series 2018 are now currently available to WRU Debenture Holders, with a closing date of Friday 27th July 2018. After this date tickets can still be requested but specific seats cannot be guaranteed and alternative tickets may issued.

Debenture Holders can claim the Tier 1 Series Pass and claim a £5 per ticket discount when purchasing the same number of tickets for Scotland, South Africa & Australia (i.e 1 pass = 1 ticket for all 3 games). This discount is only available on seats in price categories A & B and will only apply to purchases made prior to the closing date.

Accessible Seating

For WRU home international fixtures, an online ballot system is used to allocate all accessible seating for wheelchair users and ambulant disabled supporters as demand is expected to outweigh supply. The accessibility ballot for the Under Armour Series 2018 is now closed for applications, please email to check any availability of accessible seating.

Booking Fees

Booking fees will not apply to any tickets purchased by WRU Debenture Holders or Supporters Club Members but may apply to bookings made by Principality Rewards Members and General Sale supporters both online and by phone. Where applicable, booking fees for the Under Armour Series will be charged as follows:

Tonga: £1 per ticket

Scotland, South Africa & Australia: £3 per ticket

Ticket Delivery

All Debenture tickets ordered prior to the closing date of Friday 27th July will be received no later than Friday 31st August 2018. All other tickets will be received by post no later than 3 weeks prior to the fixture.

Secondary Market Ticketing

Seatwave is the WRU's official resale marketplace and is the only authorised secondary market website for supporters to sell and purchase tickets for home international fixtures at Principality Stadium. We strongly advise against purchasing tickets from any other secondary market websites as these are not official and we cannot guarantee the validity of tickets purchased via such sources and entry to the stadium may be refused.

Official WRU travel packages available from Gullivers sports travel

Official WRU secondary tickets available from Seatwave

Official WRU hospitality packages available from Millennium Experience