Don't Risk It Book Official

There are various companies that offer unofficial hospitality packages and tickets to matches held at Twickenham Stadium. However, you may not be aware that if you buy hospitality or tickets from a party who is not authorised by the RFU to sell them, you risk being provided with hospitality that is not within the Stadium (or even in the close vicinity of it) or no hospitality/tickets at all.

For corporate customers, this can be highly embarrassing for both them and their guests and no doubt damaging to their business relationships, and for private individuals it must be very disappointing.

The RFU takes the issue of black-market tickets very seriously and is doing everything in its power to curtail the activities of unofficial sales through street touting, unauthorised ticket agencies, unlicensed corporate hospitality providers and internet sites such as eBay, Seatwave, Get Me In and Viagogo. Selling tickets through secondary sites is against the RFU's terms and conditions and allows prices to be inflated, preventing many supporters from purchasing.

The RFU's ticket terms and conditions allow member clubs to sell allocated tickets to other clubs and friends/family at face value and to the RFU's official licensed operators.

In order to reduce the number of tickets sold on the black market and protect rugby fans from unscrupulous dealers, the RFU has licensed official operators in Twickenham Experience Ltd, Mike Burton Corporate Hospitality Ltd, Events International, Eventmasters, Lucid Direct, Tiger Events, and National Sporting Club. These operators pay the RFU royalties that are put back into the sport.

Reasons To Book Official:

  • You are guaranteed official match day tickets
  • It is against RFU policy to sell tickets above face value
  • The RFU does not allocate tickets for major internationals to agents and will only use Ticketmaster if tickets reach general sale
  • Money from your ticket will be fed back to the RFU to support English rugby at all levels
  • Hospitality will take place at a named facility (see below) close to the stadium and not in some location miles from the stadium
  • Quality of service – booking official guarantees you first class facilities, service and cuisine
  • Peace of mind – you and your guests will not be let down

Official Or Unofficial – Which Is Which?

When buying hospitality at the Stadium, there are a variety of providers, facilities and packages to choose from including the RFU's official on-site hospitality provider, Twickenham Experience. To see the full list of licensed hospitality operators please visit the Official Ticketed Hospitality page. If you purchased your ticket as part of a hospitality package which was not provided by one of these operators you risk being left on the outside.

Tickets For Sale On The Internet

The RFU duplicates lost or stolen tickets for match-day collection. Once a duplicate has been issued, the original ticket becomes invalid. Tickets for sale on unofficial websites are likely to have been reported lost or stolen by the club or the original recipient and will be void. Anyone considering buying tickets from the internet runs the risk of being unable to access the stadium on match day if the ticket has been duplicated.