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Ticketing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The match I am interested in attending is not listed in the matches available. When will I be able to book tickets for the match?
Tickets can usually be booked approximately 4-6 weeks before a match, although this can vary. Information about when seats will become available will always appear on the website in advance.

I’m a Season Ticket Holder who wants to attend a home cup-tie. I have not used the Online Ticketing System before, how do I buy my seat for a cup-tie?
Click on the sign-in link and then on ‘Activate Account’. Enter your client reference number and surname. The system will find your account, then just enter a password to activate. You can then purchase your reserved seat.

I’m a foreverposh member who wants to purchase a ticket for a game with priority, how do I do this?
Click on the sign-in link and then on ‘Activate Account’. Enter your client reference number and surname. The system will find your account, then just enter a password to activate. You can then purchase your reserved seat. If you are not sure of your client reference number, email with your name and address.

Where do I find my client reference number?
Your client reference number is printed clearly on your season ticket or membership card or if you have bought tickets before, it will be shown on an order confirmation email. If you still cannot find it, email

Where do you recommend that families buy tickets for at London Road Stadium?
We would recommend that families choose the South Family Stand which is the newest of the stands at London Road with good views. Prices are also reduced for juniors in this stand.

I want to buy tickets for a London Road Stadium disabled area for a forthcoming match. How do I do this?
Please call the Posh Ticket Office on 01733 865674.

Will my tickets be posted out to me or will they be left for collection?
At checkout, you do have the option of 1st class post or collection from the London Road Ticket Office. Postal deadlines are 3pm on a Wednesday for a weekend fixture and 3pm on a Friday for a midweek fixture.

Can I buy tickets for Posh’s away games online?
Matches which we have been sent tickets for will be available online. Look out for details in the ticket news section.

I am a visiting supporter, can I buy tickets online?
The Online Ticket System is strictly for use by Peterborough United supporters unless otherwise stated for special events. For reasons of safety, supporters of visiting clubs should not attempt to purchase tickets in areas of the London Road Stadium reserved for home supporters. Please note that visiting supporters who purchase tickets in home areas risk being removed from the stadium without refund. Supporters of visiting clubs must purchase tickets via their own club.

How do I know what the view is like from a certain area?
We have a "view from seat" feature which can be found by clicking on the binoculars icon next to the seat details once the seat is added to your basket. Please note that this shows a view from the centre of the AREA, not the actual seat you have selected.

I still need further help. What should I do?
You can call the Posh Ticket Office on 01733 865674 or email

Print At Home Tickets

How does TicketFast work?
Fast, simple and Convenient. Choose TicketFast as your delivery method when completing the payment for your tickets and we will send you an email confirmation with your tickets attached as a PDF file within 10 minutes. The email will contain all the help you need for saving and printing your tickets. Tickets for friends can be forwarded to them – they can print their own.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email and attachment?
• Check your spam/junk folders
• You can resend your e-ticket by logging into your online account, click on “my account” and then “booking history” – find your booking and press resend.
• Log back into your online account, click on “my account” and check you have entered your email address correctly.

If you have tried the above and still no joy, contact us on 01733 563947 or email We will be pleased to help you.

What if I cannot print my tickets?
Check to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. If you don't have it, download it for free: click here.

What if I print more than one copy of my ticket or a photocopy is made of my ticket?
Only one copy will gain you entrance to the ground. Once the barcode on the ticket has been scanned at a turnstile, all other duplicates of the barcode will be denied entry. If this happens the bar code scanner will alert the attendant on the turnstile that the ticket has already been scanned and an entry into the ground has been allowed

Do I need any special hardware or software to print my own TicketFast tickets?
You will probably have all that you need:
1) A printer – inkjet or laserjet, colour or black and white.
2) Plain white A4 paper.
3) Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. This can be downloaded free from here.

What if I can’t print my TicketFast tickets?
Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. This can be downloaded free here. Make sure your printer is turned on and that you have plain white A4 paper. If you have problems close down all unnecessary programs and check the cables.

Will I have any problems getting into the match using these tickets?
No - the ticket you print is a valid, legitimate ticket. Make sure you protect it as you would any other ticket.

Will my TicketFast tickets be accepted at the Stadium?
Yes – It is a valid ticket. The ticket you print yourself will be scanned by a turnstile and will gain you admission.

What if I print more than one copy of my TicketFast ticket or my ticket is photocopied?
Admittance to the stadium will be allowed only the first time the bar code is scanned. Protect your TicketFast ticket as you would any other event ticket and make sure you keep it in a safe place or print it just prior to attending the match.

What if my TicketFast tickets are stolen?
Contact us on 01733 865674 or email We will be pleased to help you with this.

Ticket Forwarding (Executive Box Holders/Club 75 Only)

When should I use ticket forwarding?
You can choose to use this any time you wish, the system is there to make it easier for you and your guests in gaining entrance into your Executive Boxes. It is simply an alternative method of entry, if you do not wish to hand over your season cards.

Will my stadium card work once I have used Ticket forwarding?
If you forward a ticket the season ticket that it is linked with, that season card will be deactivated and therefore cannot be used to gain entry. Only the valid PDF ticket will be valid.

How do I know if it has worked?
You can check all forwarded tickets by logging into your account online and visit ‘My Account’ section, in this section you will find ‘Booking history’, here you will find all your tickets which has been forwarded and who you have forwarded them to.

I have forwarded the wrong tickets
Providing the tickets have not been accepted by the receiving account, you can go into your account and cancel the process, give the system a few minutes to update and they will appear in your account again and ready for you to forward the correct tickets.

I am unable/forgotten how to log into my account?
You need a client reference number which is located on your Executive Box Season Tickets, and enter your password.If you have forgotten your password/client reference please contact out client support at London Road on 01733 864 674 option 2.

I have forwarded my tickets but cannot see them in my receiving account?
Please allow the system up to 10 minutes to update and send all the relevant emails, once all emails have been received you will then be able to log in to your receiving account and accept the tickets.If you still cannot see the tickets, please log back into your account and go to your booking history and resend the email, they will come straight through.

What if I have sent a PDF and the guest can no longer come?
If you still have the original PDF in email, this ticket is valid still, please just forward this onto your new guest that will be attending the game and they can print this out and use it. Please do inform the original guest that there ticket should be destroyed. Only one ticket will gain access, all PDF’s will be valid but it will only allow once entrance into the stadium.If you no longer have the email in question on file then you can log back into your Admin Account and resend the email through ‘Booking History’, click the relevant game and resend the ticket.

How does ticket fast work?
It’s a simple, convenient method of forwarding tickets, to help your guests on gaining access into the stadium without smart cards. This method is here for occasions when you can’t hand over your Season Cards by hand as your guest might live to far away, or you simply don’t wish to give them the Season Card, incase its lost or stolen. Tickets for guests can be forwarded by yourself you can have complete control of who they are sent to and you haven’t got the hassle of printing them for them. It is all left to your guests.

Ticket Status
When you are logged in it is important you understand what games are in what status, who you have forwarded them to etc.
Current – means they are current and awaiting forwarding if you wish to do this.
Forwarded – means your tickets have been forwarded to you receiving account, but have not been accepted. Your smart cards will still be valid for those tickets that are showing ‘Forwarded’, if these are never accepted the Smart Cards will all still be valid for entry into the stadium.
Pending- means you have tickets in your account that have been forwarded. Access into the Executive boxes with Smart Cards, are still valid until the status has been changed to ‘Accepted’.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email and attachment?
Please allow up to 10 minutes after confirming online, if you still haven’t received them through your email, also check all Spam, Junk and other inboxes in your email account as sometimes the emails can be redirected there. If still no luck them you can resend the email to yourself by logging back in your account and clicking onto your booking history and resend the tickets you need. If you occur any further problems please contact our client support at London Road on 01733 865 674, or email us and we will be glad to help you on

What if I/my guest are unable to print tickets?
Before you forward any tickets to be printed please be aware that to be able to print ‘Forwarded Tickets’ off you will need/your guest’s will need... Adobe Reader 4.0 or higher, if you do not have this then please copy and paste the link below into your URL: Please make sure your printer is turned on and has plain A4 paper loaded in the tray. If you are still occurring problems please feel free to contact us on 01733 865 674 or email and we will be more than happy to help.

Can I send tickets to a different account/email account?
No. We have set up your admin account and you’re receiving accounts to stop misuse of tickets or tickets being forwarded to the incorrect accounts. This will stop any problems occurring when it comes to guests receiving emails. It also keeps you in complete control of who they are being received by, which is always yourself via your receiving account You receive all the E-Tickets, and then the process of either printing all the tickets yourself or forwarding the tickets via email is left to you. This stops misuse of tickets and tickets not being accepted and left in pending status’ etc.

What if I print my ticket more than once? Or a guest photocopies it?
Only one ticket can gain access into the Executive Box, once the barcode has been scanned at the turnstile on entry no other copies will work or be accepted. The other tickets scanned will say already used. *Please not once you have forwarded an E-Ticket, you are responsible for the correct use of this ticket. Any misuse or photocopies made of this E-Ticket could result in legitimate Executive Box holders being denied access into the stadium*

Will I have any problems presenting this PDF paper ticket?
No this is a legitimate and valid ticket for entry into the Executive boxes. Please ensure you look after it the same way you would your Season Cards. You will be scanned by a turnstile operator and will gain access.

Can a PDF File be scanned from a Mobile Phone?
Technically yes, but depending on the mobile phone you are using. Some E-Tickets may scan and others may be rejected. At the moment we only accept PDF paper printed copies.

What if my Forwarded Ticket had been stolen or compromised?
Please contact us on 01733 865 674, and we will be pleased to help. Please note resending the email does not give you a new barcode; therefore the ticket in question can still be used.