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Tottenham Hotspur Ticket FAQs

What happens if I lost my card or left it a home?

If Platinum, Gold or Silver One Hotspur Members arrive at the Stadium without their Season Stadium Access Card they will be able to obtain a replacement match ticket from the Ticket Office at a non refundable cost of £10.00, provided that they have with them proof of identity at the time*. Permanent replacement Season Stadium Access Cards will not be issued on a matchday. If a Bronze or Lilywhite One Hotspur Members arrive at the Stadium without their Members Stadium Access Card they will be able to obtain a replacement card from the One Hotspurs Members Office at a non-refundable cost of £10.00 provided that they have with them proof of identity at the time*.

What happens if I forget/lose my matchday ticket?
Matchday tickets will be duplicated at the discretion of the Ticket Office Manager. On the matchday you will need to visit the Ticket Collection Point on Paxton Road with a form of photographic identification. If you do not have relevant documentation with you, a duplicate ticket will not be issued.

How can I change my existing Season Ticket seat(s)?
Transfer requests must be made by completing the transfer request form on the reverse of our renewal form, prior to the season commencing.

I am a Season Ticket Holder or Club Member, how can I buy an additional ticket?
Season Ticket Holders and Club Members will have a one-day priority window to purchase one additional guest ticket for any home League fixture. This day will be on the tenth day of the priority-booking period for Club Members - the day before any remaining tickets go on general sale. Tickets are dependent on availability and are not guaranteed.

As part of our commitment to develop Spurs fans of the future, an allocation of tickets will be made available for all One Hotspur Season Ticket Holders and Members to make bringing kids to matches easier and more accessible. These tickets are located in the North Stand (Family Area) and the junior ticket (Under 16) will be discounted in price. These young fans do not have to be One Hotspur Members themselves and the offer is open to all levels of One Hotspur. This means that a One Hotspur Season Ticket Member can move their seat position to the North Stand for this match to sit with the young fan they are bringing along! To apply for these tickets you will need to pre-register your interest through ou? online ticketing and membership service - CLICK HERE - in a window before tickets go on sale to Bronze Members for each Barclays Premier League game. There is a maximum of 2 Adult One Hotspur Members to each Junior fan attending in one application.

When am I entitled to a refund?
A refund for the cost of a match ticket will only be issued if the One Hotspur Member has notified the Ticket Office no less than 7 days prior to the matchday, to enable the Ticket Office to remove the fixture from their Stadium Access Card. If a match ticket has been issued to a non member, the ticket has to be returned to the ticket office no less than 7 days prior to the fixture. Refund requests made less than 7 days prior to the match date will not be considered.

I am unable to afford a Season Ticket as a one-off payment, but I would like to attend every game. What can I do?
The Club offers an Easy Payment Scheme where the cost of your Season Ticket may be paid in ten monthly installments. See the Season Ticket application form for more details.

Why can't I transfer my loyalty points between Season Tickets and Club Membership?
The loyalty is calculated quite differently between the two schemes. As in all ticketing procedures, Season Ticket Holders will always have priority over Club Members. Points are therefore calculated and applied within each associated group.

Does the Club offer supporters the opportunity of official travel to away matches?
If you are a Season Ticket Holder or Club Member you may apply for the official coach travel, which is operated by the Club for all away matches excluding the London matches. Coach times and charges are advertised through the Club's Communication Channels. On occasions, for popular away Cup Ties, the Club will operate coach, rail and plane packages. Again, these packages will be advertised through the Club's Communication Channels.

I applied for an away match ticket. How do I know if I have been successful?
All match tickets are posted out by the Ticket Office at least three days in advance of the match date. If demand for tickets has exceeds the supply, the tickets will be issued on a loyalty point basis. This information will be posted on the Club's website once the application period has closed. If you have not received a match ticket, and you believe your application has been successful, three days prior to the match date, please contact the Ticket Office on 0844 844 0102. If you require a duplicate ticket the Ticket Office will confirm to the away club that you have not received your original tickets through the post. You will need to visit the away club's Ticket Office on the matchday with I.D. to collect a duplicate set of tickets. These tickets may only be collected if the Ticket Office has been informed the last working day prior to the match date, so they can forward relevant information to the away club. Please note that the Ticket Office is not open on a Saturday and Sunday (excluding home matchdays), unless otherwise stated.

Why does it take a longer time to get through on the Tottenham Hotspur Ticketline on the morning of an on-sale date?
Unfortunately with all sporting, pop or music events, there must be a date and a time when the tickets first go on-sale. Our call centre is always fully-manned, with additional support staff, in preparation to accept supporters' calls on these dates. However, with thousands of supporters all attempting to purchase match tickets at 9.30am on the first day of sale, all calls may not be answered simultaneously. For the majority of fixtures, the initial large call volume has cleared after the first two hours of sale. If you are a Club Member calling to book tickets, please have your Club Membership number to hand, together with a valid Credit/Debit card, to speed up the sales process. Please note: If you are booking for other Club Members, you will also require their Club Membership numbers. To help alleviate the large call volumes, the Club has invested in the on-line ticketing facility, which can be found on

* Tickets will be re-issued at the discretion of the Ticket Office Manager and subject to the Club's terms and conditions.

When should I use Ticket Forwarding

Ticket Forwarding is an alternative way for you to send tickets to your guests ahead of a match at White Hart Lane. If you do not want to put your Stadium Access Cards into circulation and have the hassle of retrieving them post match, you can now email a PDF ticket to allow your guests to access White Hart Lane.

Please note, once you have forwarded a seat(s) for a particular match the Stadium Access Card for the seats concerned will be de-activated and will not allow entry into the stadium. Only the PDF ticket will gain access for that fixture.

I am unable to log into my account.

You will need to navigate to the online ticket page. From there, click ‘My Account’ from the left hand side of the screen.

All accounts have been activated. You need your Client Reference Number which is 7 digits long and can be found on your Stadium Access Card. You will also need your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the log in page of our etickets site.

I have forwarded my tickets to the wrong account.

Log back into your Account and the tickets you have forwarded will be at a status of ‘Forwarded’. You can select these tickets again and ‘cancel’ this transaction. This will make them available for forwarding to the correct account. This action can only be undertaken if the tickets have not already been ‘Accepted’. Once they have been ‘Accepted’ by the recipient, then nothing can be done.

I have forwarded the wrong tickets.

Providing the tickets you have forwarded have not been accepted, then you can log into your account and cancel the action of forwarding. They will then appear in your account again, ready for forwarding should you so wish.

I have forwarded the wrong tickets and they have been accepted.

Your Stadium Access Card will not be valid and the tickets you have forwarded will now be valid. Should you wish to retract this action, please call us on 0844 844 0102 (option 2) or email and we will be pleased to help.

How do I know which tickets I have forwarded?

You can check which of the seats within your box have been forwarded as PDF tickets by going into your online account and visiting the “My Account” section and clicking on “Account History.

The ticket number is also displayed on the PDF attachment.

Can I send tickets to different guests/email accounts?

If you wish to send tickets to more than one person you will need to complete the Ticket Forwarding process for each seat separately as the PDF generated will contain all tickets you select in a single transaction. If you have, for example, an 8-seat box and wish to send all tickets in a single email, then you should select all seats at this point. However, if you wish to send individual tickets to 8 different people then the process needs to be completed 8 separate times.

I have forwarded my tickets but they haven’t appeared in my Admin account/colleagues account?

There can sometimes be a delay between forwarding the tickets from your primary account and them displaying in your Admin Account. If they do not appear after 15 minutes then please notify the Club.

What if I have sent a PDF ticket and my guest can no longer attend?

If you still have the original PDF ticket that was sent to your original guest, simply send that document to your new guest. The ticket will still be valid, but all PDF tickets will only gain entrance to the stadium once so it is important that the original attendee is notified that the ticket in their possession should be destroyed.

If you no longer have the original PDF ticket, you can resend this by going onto your primary online account. Go to “My Account” then “Account History” and “Transaction History”. In this area you need to select the relevant booking and hit “Resend”.

Will my Stadium Access Card work once I have used Ticket Forwarding?

No, once a ticket is forwarded as a PDF the Access Card for that particular seat will not be active for the fixture concerned.

Understanding Your Ticket(s) Status:

When logged into your account you can view your account history, which will detail the various transactions you have made and their status.

Current: - means your tickets are still available to forward should you so wish. Your respective Stadium Access Card is still valid for those tickets that are still showing ‘Current’

Forwarded: - means your tickets have been forwarded to another account, but have not yet been accepted. Your respective Stadium Access Card is still valid for those tickets that are still showing ‘Forwarded’

Pending: - means you have tickets in your account that have been forwarded. Stadium Access Cards for these respective tickets are still valid until they have been ‘Accepted’

I have deleted the email with the PDF attachment.

You can log into your account, navigate to your ‘Account History’ and click on the line of text that indicates you have made a purchase. An option to ‘resend confirmation’ will appear, click this to send the email with the tickets attached again.

How does TicketFast work?

Fast, simple and Convenient. Choose TicketFast as your delivery method when completing the payment for your tickets and we will send you an email confirmation with your tickets attached as a PDF file within 10 minutes. The email will contain all the help you need for saving and printing your tickets. Tickets for friends can be forwarded to them – they can print their own.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email and attachment?

Check your junk mail folder for your email and add to your contacts in order to ensure these emails are not treated as spam. Contact your IT administrator if you are in any doubt.

If you are still experiencing difficulties receiving the emails and their attachments, contact us on 0844 844 0102 (option 2) or email . We will be pleased to help you with this.

What if I am unable to print my tickets?

Check to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. If you don't have it, download it for free from the following website:

Ensure your printer is turned on and that you have plain white A4 paper. If you have problems close down all unnecessary programs and check the cables. If you still cannot print your ticket call us on 0844 844 0102 (option 2) or email and we will be pleased to help.

What if I print more than one copy of my ticket or a photocopy is made of my ticket?

Only one copy will gain you entrance to the ground. Once the barcode on the ticket has been scanned at a turnstile, all other duplicates of the barcode will be denied entry. If this happens the bar code scanner will alert the attendant on the turnstile that the ticket has already been scanned and an entry into the ground has been allowed

Will I have any problems getting into the match using these tickets?

No - the ticket you print is a valid, legitimate ticket. Make sure you protect it as you would any other ticket.

Will my TicketFast tickets be accepted at the Stadium?

Yes – It is a valid ticket. The ticket you print yourself will be scanned by a turnstile operator and will gain you admission

What if my TicketFast tickets are stolen?

Contact us on 0844 844 0102 (option 2) or email . We will be pleased to help you with this.