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IN detailing away match tickets sales arrangements for 2018/19, Watford FC is continuing its policy of prioritising fans who've travelled to support the team over recent seasons.

There is no single, perfect solution. The aim has been to devise a policy that is as fair & equitable as possible, reflecting a combination of regularity and longevity of support, while trying to end with reasonable numbers in ticket access groups.

All data used in the figures below is drawn from the past four seasons - effectively since July 2014 - to provide consistency of purchasing numbers across both home and away sales policies.

Thanks to all supporters who’ve provided feedback about their buying experiences and requests for future technologies; the analysis from which helped shape the club's decision-making process.

THE Hornets are keen that all those intending to purchase away tickets - whether for every game or just one or two fixtures - are familiar with, the club's online sales website and have a Fan ID number.

Tickets will occasionally be available to purchase over the phone on 01923 223023 (Ticket Office Hotline) and in person - from the Ticket Office under the Rookery Stand - however buying online is the club's recommended route. Anyone who has ever bought tickets through our Ticket Office team will have a unique Fan ID number assigned.

This automatically creates an online account at, which can be activated and personalised. The ability to purchase on behalf of other Fan ID numbers is available in the ‘Network’ section of the 'My Account' options. Each ticket bought will need to be assigned to an eligible Fan ID before a purchase can be completed, making the linking of Fan IDs important if you regularly buy tickets for two or more supporters.

For the purposes of building a booking history, please do not create duplicate Fan IDs. Issues with online purchasing can be resolved with help from our Ticket Office team: or 01923 223023. TICKET ACCESS GROUPS
WORKING with its data partner Goodform, the Hornets have again created Ticket Access groups to arrange access to tickets for the most regular travellers. Last season, 18 of the 19 Premier League fixtures became available to supporters in Group C, with 16 of those then proceeding to general sale.

This season, a new group recognises match ticket purchasers who are non-season ticket holders and have not attended the required number of matches to be included in the previously existing groups.

Group A recognises current season ticket holders who've been to at least fifteen away matches since July 2014

Group B recognises match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) with the same number.

Group C recognises current season ticket holders who’ve been to less than fifteen away matches since July 2014

Group D recognises match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) with between one and fourteen away matches since July 2014.

Group A – 3,060 fans:
- ST holder 2018/19 with 15 or more away match ticket purchases under Fan ID record since July 2014

Group B - 613 fans:
- Non-ST holder with 15 or more away match ticket purchases under Fan ID record since July 2014

Group C – 10,273 fans:
- ST holder 2017/18 with less than 15 away match ticket purchases under Fan ID record since July 2014

Group D – 13,698 fans:
- Non-ST holder with between 1 and 14 away match ticket purchases under Fan ID record since July 2014

Note: numbers of fans in Groups A, B & D may slowly increase as the season wears on since data extracts will be updated after every fixture's ticket sale process has ended or before the next away fixture goes on sale, whichever takes place first.

Why are exact numbers being published?
Numbers of those eligible at any given time and the level of take-up will be included in all updates. This way, it is hoped to avoid or at least minimize very heavy server traffic and longer queue times via the Ticket Office hotline. Will tickets still be made available for General Sale?
Any tickets not sold during the access group process for lower profile matches may be made available for general sale. For higher profile matches, tickets will only be made available to supporters who have created a FAN ID record before August 1, 2018. General sale periods will be communicated via our official website and social media channels.

We wish to ensure that all supporters travelling to away games have an equal chance of enjoying the matchday experience - including family groups and those unable to stand for long periods. We are fully aware that standing in our sections at away stadiums has become commonplace. As a result, the club has introduced ‘non-standing seats’ for supporters who wish to remain seated and enjoy the matches in a family friendly environment.

These tickets will still be subject to the usual sales process, with tickets being available to those in Away Groups A, B, C and D as and when those sales commence, while any bookings including a Junior Hornets member outside of these groups will also be taken.

If you wish to purchase in this area please call the Ticket Office on 01923 223023.

CLEARLY, adding to an existing profile will be easier for those already in the groups listed above, since they are the fans likely to have most access to away match tickets.

However, the club is keen that all fans feel they have at least a chance of taking in an away game or two during the season.

So, influenced by some of the 'Supporters Say' survey research, the Hornets will reserve the right to keep back 10 per cent of an away ticket allocation (where practical) for sale to those who fall outside of the groups specifically listed above.

This includes initiatives such as tickets being made available, by way of example, to:
- Junior Hornets members and a parent/parents
- Supporters who are based overseas
- Remote or exiled supporters who hold a valid Fan Card
- Disabled Supporters
- Other under-represented groups
The sale arrangements for this 10 per cent allocation, where reserved, would be made available as early as possible during the relevant game's sale process and co-ordinated by the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer Dave Messenger: 01923 496367.

THE Hornets are aware that planning away travel is best done as far ahead of fixture date as possible, so the club is aiming to be on sale with away match tickets at least a month before a fixture. This relies on our host's delivery of match pricing confirmation and ticket stock for the latter.

Subsidised coach travel will be made available at various points during the campaign, so the club suggests awaiting such confirmation before committing to detailed plans and costs.

Where provided, the actual seating plan from away grounds is being built in online so that when seats are purchased, the sale confirmation will carry the actual row & seat number relating to the host stadium.

At least 72 hours before each sale, the Ticket Office team will publish a schedule of sale, broken down by date and Access Group.

Regular ticket sales updates will be provided via the club's official Twitter account, @watfordfc, and also via an end-of-day (c. 5.30pm) Ticket Office daily update article posted at

In order to give all fans a good chance to plan away travel, the windows of time for Access Groups purchase will be relatively short.

This will allow a more flexible approach to decisions during the sale with regards to involving other fans in the chance to purchase tickets well before the date of the fixture.

Pay-on-the-day opportunities are unlikely to exist for any Premier League awayday this season, which is why those wishing to attend are strongly encouraged to read in full each game's sales timings.

Feel free to send an email to, an address monitored closely during office hours. Calls are also welcome to 01923 223023, the club's Ticket Office Hotline, Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm.